Traditional Hellenismos and the Craft | Baring the Aegis

styx and pomegranates

Circe_by_Wright_Barker_(1889) Circe, Wright Barker

As a student of Classics and a girl that has dabbled in magick and polytheism, I have always had in interest in ancient religion and the Gods themselves. From the Eleusinian mysteries to their mythological deeds of the pantheon and Aeneas’ epic journey to Italy with his lares and penates; the world of religion is vast and diverse. For many students, these pantheons are long gone and worship has ceased, but there are those  that are still worshiping the gods and goddesses with reverence and some happen to be students of Classics, History etc. In this post, Baring the Aegis writes of their journey to worship and its impact.

When I was a child I fell in love with Gods. I fell in love with the stories of their wondrous births, great adventures and sometimes their tragic deaths. I cared for the heroes, too, but in a different…

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