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Jason_and_Medea_-_John_William_Waterhouse Jason and Medea, John William Waterhouse, 1907

Of all those things capable of life and thought, we women are most miserable of living things.

“She’s every woman.” One of my classmates said as we discussed the controversial character of Medea. We were preparing for a study activity for younger students and Euripides’ play won the majority vote.

Fast-forward a month and the session finally took place. It was an amusing and eye-opening experience. For the younger kids, the events and characters were put in to a bad and a good category. There was no in-between. In their defense they did try to see where Medea was coming from but it was pretty clear that to them, she was the villainess of this story.

I won’t lie; I took their harsh criticisms of Medea personally. Maybe it’s awful of me to defend her but I do. This outsider, part mortal woman…

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