Féminin | Pandora et al.

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Introducing Féminin, a new series for showcasing and celebrating women from Greek or Roman mythology and historical figures such as Cleopatra. To kick it off, we shall start at the very beginning with Pandora, the first mortal woman created by the gods.


The origins of womankind have been immortalised through the story of Pandora. She was created by the Olympians as a punishment for mankind, specifically Prometheus, who had stolen fire from the gods. The wariness and contempt for women began with Pandora. Gifted with beauty and charm from Aphrodite but filled with wheedling words and deceit by Hermes. An ‘evil thing’ that mankind shall hold dear which, in the end, will be their demise.


Like Pandora, women such as Aphrodite; Helen of Troy, Eve and Lilith (in religion) are often portrayed as untrustworthy and dangerous. The original femme fatales. The fascination behind the stories of these women is shown by books, novels…

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