Typewriters and Other Such Revolutions

N.L.King, Author

Have you noticed lately that typewriters are now cool? They’re vintage hip with retro-sexiness all over them…

Last year I bought my husband a pair of cufflinks made from the keys of an old typewriter. I liked how they looked, the uniqueness of the gift (side-note: I’m terrible at buying gifts) and the romance of them – everything they represented.

There is something romantic about typewriters. They are slow (if you type anything like me), hold secrets, don’t need Wi-Fi, and are windows from another world. I don’t really remember typewriting classes at school the QWERTY keyboard was a complete mystery.

I do however remember the electric typewriter at the State Library. When I left school I held lofty ideas of becoming a journalist. I would travel by bus into the City. I was neatly dressed and determined to succeed. Hours were spent in the library on this annoying machine…

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