The Art of Paper Folding and Other Nonsensical Ramblings

N.L.King, Author

I’m a paper folder and collector of maps. Invariably, at some point during a family trip, you will find me in an art gallery gift shop rifling through packets of origami paper. That’s obviously why suitcase manufacturers invented the flat, zippered pocket on the front of suitcases-it’s a place for me to store maps hoarded from our holiday and for my shiny new packets of origami paper. I also like foreign newspapers. I don’t even mind if they’re not in English, but I am fussy about the paper quality; none of that horrible coarse stuff, please.

Paper was apparently invented in China around 105AD. I was under the impression that paper invention was the big achievement of the Ancient Egyptians, but perhaps the stuff made from papyrus reeds doesn’t count as paper?

About 400 years later, a Japanese Buddhist monk called Dokyo, introduced paper into Japan. That’s an annoyingly…

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