June, modern poets and Pollock.

Bookreveries - The books, the ocean and the paintbrush.

This month, after a month of lovely romantic 19th century poetry, I am going to read some modern poetry form Geoffrey Grigson, Edwin Muir & Adrian Stokes. Grigson was born in 1905, literary editor, worked for BBC and in publishing. He also wrote many books including Notes from an Odd Country and a study on flowers and plants in The Englishman’s Flora. ? Muir was a famous Scottish poet born in 1887. He worked for the British Council in Edinburgh, then in Prague and later in Rome. Later he also taught at Harvard, but writing poetry was always a constant thing. ? Stokes was born in London in 1902 , he was a painter and writer and lived in Italy for a while and then back in the UK. Most famous for his books about art, including The Quattro Cento (the four hundred)… The cover of this book made me…

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