Moonlit Flame

Dia Tucker Writes

This story can also be read on my Patreon page if you donate at least a dollar. I’m posting it here to find out whether or not readers want this a novel(ette). Let me know in the comments. =)

Keep in mind that this is an alternate history. Delfina and Marceau are from Hayden Spells Trouble, the third story in The Samiyah Hayden Series. That being said any history facts that you know (especially about Spain, France, Mexico, and England in the 13th,14th, and 15th century), or tips on which websites are reliable, would be extremely helpful if I expand on this.


Delfina ignored the wet hair in her face, her gaze focused on a nearby stallion. It was well taken care of that much she could see and probably belonged to some minor lord. Yet it stood alone and without a guard. It was tied up but…

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