the Festival of Neith

Loved this; a refresher for us oldheads–Necessary and Mist Excellent info for all noobs, yayayayayy!

Temple of Athena the Savior

In ancient Alexandria, every year a great festival, called the Feast of Lamps, was held for Neith, the primordial Goddess of Lower Egypt. Herodotus tells us that the celebrants burned uncountable numbers of candles and lamps in an outdoor feast that lasted all night. This year that date fell on Wednesday (the 30th), but the Temple celebrated it on Friday, yesterday. Besides myself, four other people were in attendance. Information about Neith, and the ritual itself, is below.

Unique Goddess, mysterious and great who came to be in the beginning and caused everything to come to be, the divine mother of Ra, who shines on the horizon1.

Neith, mother of Sobek, is a complex Goddess. Neith (also Nit, Neet, and Neit) is attested to even before the First Dynasty. She is the patron Goddess of Sais, whose ancient Egyptian name was Zau. Her city…

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