On Being a Heretic


I have a longer piece that I’m working on, which will begin my pilgrimage journals, but I thought I’d draw your attention to two things posted elsewhere.

The first is this interview by ADF druid Sean Harbaugh. It was fun to do, though there’s always an interesting thing that happens when someone asks about my past. I spent much of my twenties trying to avoid talking about the abject poverty and family issues I experienced, because the reactions from others were always either those of sympathy or diagnosis.

Most people close to me would offer hugs, or offer me their anger at my situation. People a bit more distant would often react with polite sympathy but then later suggest that the events of my past provided clues to why I seemed so maladjusted to normal, bourgeois life, and then they’d suggest remedies. Those often included therapy, going back to college…

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