Luisa Casati, The First Dark Lady

 I’ve always been a passionate supporter of the fact that fashion is to be considered an art form, exactly like photography or painting, it is a way in which one can express his idea of beauty and his own aesthetic. But there is more in my opinion, fashion is a two sided form of art: the stylist, the creator – as the painter or the film maker – is the channel through which the form of art comes to life, but there is another channel which is the user, who, as a blank space, is the vehicle of the art, is the mean by which the art can express itself, and this person is often called a “fashion muse”.

01_marisa-berenson-dressed-as-the-marchesa-luisa-casati-stampa-at-the-rothschild-ball_1_jpg_1318511713                   MarchesaLuisaCasati

I also am a strong believer that fashion is a democratic form of art, it is for everyone, just like pop culture, it is…

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