So very beautiful! 😓😧😳

Hellenic Hearth

My god winks when the light catches Him, like silver, like steel. The white of His smile my only guide as I chase Him through the shadows, blind, reaching out to catch Him in the blackness. He doesn’t let me.

And so we run, He flies, and My God, I am so scared, but I’m not alone, the white of His smile tells me so. For there are dangers all around in the dark, Little Girl, but you are a little girl no more and you need to learn. My God winks when the demons catch me, like steel, and His nimble fingers close around my own, closing around the hilt. And I remember the monster with a hundred eyes who lost his life to a whisper of a word from this honeyed tongue, the Argos Slayer, who else to teach how to kiss and kill? My god winks like…

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