BOOK REVIEW: A Teaching Handbook For Wiccans & Pagans

Magikos Musings

A Teaching Handbook For Wiccans & Pagans; Practical Guidance For Sharing Your Path

by Thea Sabin

This book caught my attention simply because it was so different than all the other books in the Pagan section at the book store, Like many people that have been studying the subject for a while I was wading through a sea of uninteresting Wiccca 101 looking for something new to read. Hoping to find an advanced level book and finding this instead. I thought “sure why not” and picked it up.

This book teaches people how to teach a class and is useful for any subject not just paganism. It re minded me a little bit of those “for dummies” books. It is almost like a how to teach books that uses new age topics like astrology as examples. It gives practical guides to finding students and handling typical difficulties students may through…

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