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Edna St Vincent Millay (February 22, 1892 – October 19, 1950), an American lyrical poet and playwright, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1923 and was only the third woman to win the award for poetry. She was also known for her feminist activism, her many love affairs, her extensive written work and her love of her home.


Millay was born in Rockland, Maine, to Cora Lounella Buzelle, a nurse, and Henry Tollman Millay, a schoolteacher who would later become a superintendent of schools. Her middle name derives from St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York, where her uncle’s life had been saved just before her birth.

Cora officially divorced Millay’s father for financial irresponsibility, but they had already been separated for some years. Cora and her three daughters, Edna (who called herself “Vincent”), Norma Lounella (born 1893), and Kathleen Kalloch (born 1896), moved from town to town, living in poverty. Cora travelled with…

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