30FOR30 Poetry Challenge: April 2

Week One: Memories
April 2nd: Write a poem with each line starting with “I remember”

logoToday’s poetry prompt is to write a poem with each line starting with “I remember.” What does that phrase invoke for you? How does it engage with your psyche?  The act of remembering can be such a labor-some act, right? Like physical–taking energy from the body? How does your body remember? Can it remember? How can language inform this process?–this act. 

Here’s a poem, “I Remember Anyway,” by Ocean Vuong: 

I Remember Anyway
after Mary Ruefle

I remember the table.

I remember the table made of words given to me from my mother’s mouth.

I remember the room burning. I remember the room was burning because my grandmother spoke of fire. I remember the fire as it was told to me, the one bedroom apartment in Hartford, seven of us sleeping on the hardwood floor…

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