Writing Under the Influence

Writing in Sobriety

I began my writing career in early childhood, making tender entries in my flowery locked diary, as many youngsters have done for centuries.  I was still in awe over the wonders of this world, of family and friends.  Elementary school came along and the flowers vanished.  I no longer put my experiences on paper, reality had set in with a vengeance. 

Second grade was a mystery to me in many ways, my father became ill, and I began noticing that my parents engaged in strange and brutal verbal fights.  Initially I did not understand why these battles occurred, but as third grade loomed, my comprehension improved-the anger displayed daily had something to do with what they constantly drank.  The glasses were different from my own, taller and beautifully shaped.  I wanted desperately to be a grown-up, but they wouldn’t let me.  Fast forward to fifth grade…Once my menstruation began at…

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