Shamanochki Horned Kichka and a Magpie

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I am particularly interested as a shaman, in my ancestral grandmothers and their ancient prehistoric rituals which were dominant before the 5th century. These went back many millenniums of her story which came forth from the cave eras. Clues left from ancient rituals are all over the world in archaeology, but also hidden in the subtle, such as images, stone art, middle ages textiles and folk art, modern textile folk clothing, headdresses, bridal wear, folk songs, round dances and aspects of older pre-pagan symbolism, hieroglyphs and petroglyphs. One particular ancient shamanic lineage that still has a modern tradition is the Russian headdresses of the Baltic-Slavic shaman women who wore what is called the Russian or Slavic “Horned Kichka.” Central Asia, along with the similarities of the traditional Norwegian Headdresses, including Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Balkan headdresses of Georgia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, all resemble a basic folk traditional headdress that are remarkably alike.

Kichko Horned Kichka Kika кика (головной убор) Headdress via Olga VinnikovKichko…

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