Otherworlds #2- The Prisoner of the Tree

Feral Words

Minister's Pine, Aberfoyle, Scotland, Highlands The base of the Minister’s Pine, Aberfoyle

The first writers from the bright-lit lands of the Middle Sea, gazing north into a gloom of silver clouds and fog and endless trees, described how the peoples of the cold world worshipped not in temples, but in groves in the forest. They wrote down travellers tales describing them, brief snapshots of rituals and half-understood ideas; a tapestry that was already filled with holes before the destruction of the scene that inspired it. Following the travellers went the legions, a different kind of visitor, steadily marching their way north into the forest to cut down the groves, slay the priests, and overthrow their blood-stained altars. In their wake in turn came the priests of the new religion; a second tide surging up from Rome some centuries later, to overthrow the last remnants of paganism and oversee the creation of the Christian civilisation of…

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