‘Merlin’s Valley’ on the Upper Tweed : Field-guide #1

Feral Words


In the course of my journeys around Britain and Ireland I’ve had the good fortune to come across some wonderful places that aren’t hugely well-known. I thought I’d start posting some short guides to these places, in addition to the long-form pieces I usually post. I enjoy writing the long ones, but they take ages to do; and these shorter bits might well be of a bit more practical use to readers, anyway. Here’s the first; a description of a section of the upper Tweed valley in Scotland, that’s deeply tied up with the legendary figure of Merlin.

Silver StagBackground: 

There’s a great deal of nonsense been written about Merlin over the years, but there are enough old texts out there referring to him that we can be confident he was, at root, a real person. His original name was actually Myrddin, a Brythonic Celtic name pronounced like Mervyn, but with…

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