Darkness is woven from light

Sun in Gemini

Earth womb)In response to Sue Vincent’s Photo Prompt.

“It’s not complex, it’s just dense!”


“Yes, dense, like ‘buried’ – way underground, but very much a part of everything!”

“How’s that?”

“Think of roots – can you see them?”

“Well, not normally, no…except if you pull up the plant and lose the flower.”

“Quite! So you wouldn’t inspect the roots that way, would you?”


“You’d trust that the roots had produced the bud that was blooming before your ecstatic eyes?”

“That would be the natural way of things.”

“And do the roots expect acknowledgement?”

“They don’t get it, do they?”


“The flower shines in the sun, but the light it greets with its life is the same light woven densely into the darkness… because the soil was necessary to bring the flower that kisses the sun in joy.”

“But, I’m still glad I’m a flower..”

“Who said you were…

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