A final thought, for now, about the problems caused by patrons from Tallis Steelyard

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Inevitably one tale calls to mind another. It seems that no sooner have you got one patron safely home to bed than duty demands that you take care of another. There are times when I feel that many of my patrons don’t so much need a poet as a nurse!

Still I suspect that from their viewpoint a poet is less expensive and makes no demands on their lifestyle. One will never find your poet demanding you lose weight, drink less or go to bed earlier. Similarly poets do not appear in your bed chamber at some ungodly hour of the morning demanding you ‘take exercise.’ So all in all I feel that poets are unlikely to be displaced in the affections of our patrons.

But in this case I must confess that it was not the patron who was at fault, but their offspring. I had been invited to…

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