Writer’s Conferences

Tom Monteleone's

Having just returned from a gathering called the North Wildwood Writers Conference, I have a few thoughts on this one, as well as many other conferences where I’ve been an invited speaker or instructor.

  • Most of the people who attend these things like the *notion* of being a writer . . . rather than the reality of being one.
  • They write infrequently.
  • Most of them have *never* submitted their work for publication—even to online, non-paying venues.
  • A majority are terrified their work will be negatively criticized.
  • A majority are poor-to-fair writers who need healthy doses of honest line-editing and deconstruction of their work.

Which basically says they are afraid to be real writers.

If they continue to let their apprehensions control their desire to write, it’s just not gonna happen. I remember being equally intimidated when I started sending my execrable tales on their appointed rounds to the science fiction…

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