Talking Underwater to the Dead & Confessions

anmarie uber

ROCCO_BostonTerrie_2377718kA lot of times interpreting messages from the Other Side can be like talking to someone under water.  Interpreting symbolic information or words spoken from another space/time dimension is difficult, not to mention the fact that usually more than one spirit shows up in a session.   In my experience with going to other mediums, I have found that I am not the only one who is faced with challenges. 

Before I begin opening my closet of skeletons, I want to say that I find it amusing that people think the only spirit showing up is the relative they want to speak to, when we actually “know” hundreds of dead people – relatives, ancestors, friends, co-workers, bosses, schoolmates, neighbors, church members, etc…and all the relatives and friends of these people as well, trying desperately to give someone else a message through us.  Supposedly, a “good” medium will only focus…

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