Are Spirit Guides Real?

anmarie uber

3336650116a4470024486b678380162lIn my line of work, I communicate with Spirit Guides every day, but do I still wonder if they are real? Absolutely. Following is a personal story, on the subject, that surprised and amazed me.

My father went to the doctor for a check up.  He had a chest x-ray, and got a clean bill of health. A year later he went back, because he was having shoulder pain, that had become increasingly severe and debilitating. Unexpectedly, he was diagnosed with cancer on the lining of his lung, which had eaten away at his ribs, leaving only points of bone.  The diagnosis was terminal, with treatment to shrink the size of the tumor, and medication to keep him comfortable.  He came home from the appointment, and sat down with my sister, showing her the new x-rays, and what the doctor had said.  He told her that his “Spirit Guide, Tony”, had spoken to…

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