After I got Grave’s Disease – Part One


The Heartache by Christain Schloe | Spirit Mama BlogEverything fell apart.

But, it really had to. They say disease, sickness, injury come to show us what we are ignoring. Or at least show us where we are in disharmony. For me, Graves made me sit down. Literally. I sat on my couch for months because even the slightest of strain or excitement made my heart race out of my chest. Getting up to go to the bathroom for example. Getting upset at a sad movie. Climbing stairs. Dwelling on negative things in my life. All equaled chest pains and tachycardia.

It’s really the most vulnerable I have ever felt, my heart a timid bird in its cage of ribs, fluttering.

So, I sat. And sat. And my life stopped.

Up to then I had always been a busy-bee. If not busy enough then doing make-work projects that burdened me with a lot of extra stress, my fuel. I worked-out a lot…

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