Blackbird ~ with tiny wings


Antony Ros

I was given tiny wings without any feathers
I sat, perched in a nest, high on the walls of a cliff
It overlooked my new home where I would roam
It doesn’t matter where
Over the Rockies or over the sea
I deserve to live and be free

Fed and nudged along the way learning about life
In this great big world where I should see
The love of a mother in me
She never took the trip back
She rather liked her freedom more
Left to fend on my own with little scraps given

A lonely blackbird in a nest waiting to take the plunge
The sun was low getting ready to set
A colour of a creamy caramel orange took my breath
I stood looking out, nothing below but air
Opened my sparsely feathered wings and dropped from sight
I fell, as the stars started to fill the…

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