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My Dream Stationery |The Friday RejoicerHave you heard of National Stationery week?

National Stationery Week celebrates the written word and all things stationery – the wonderful products which make it all possible, and give so much pleasure to so many people.

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When I was still a student, I always wanted to collect many fanciful pens and pencils. It would be such a joy to write with them. However, as always, my “frugalness” and “practicality” kicked in. More often I just used the pens bought in bulk and other free ruler, pencils or highlighters gotten from school events. Anyway, below is my dream list. See if you share anything similar with me!

1) Multi-coloured Ballpoint Pen from Muji

I can’t resist rainbow colour pen. The design looks so clean with the transparent casing. However I remembered the price was around SGD$10+ which I could not persuade myself to buy it.

2) Pilot Super…

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