Jaa Simran and the expectations from new age Goddesses


Let me start today with my recent favourite topic from the bundle: Marriage.

We all have an idea of marriage and it means different things to us, over and above a standard notion with which we have grown up, seen and understood the institution.

As a representative of a generation of women who wish to identify themselves as independent, educated and strong enough to refute certain traditional, ritualistic expectations, I see marriage as a mixed bundle, in theory and practice. Well certainly it makes one change their view of life, bow down to certain customs , relent to some not so pleasant expectations and make and effort to be stubborn and accommodating at the same time. Having said that, I want to know why we do all these things?

-because you were desperate to be “married” and then to make it work

-because that is how you were expected to behave

-because that…

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