Honouring the Sacred & Divine Feminine

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Honouring the Sacred & Divine Feminine

White TaraFor 2,000 years the Goddess has been hidden. Those of you who honour Her in all Her Magnificance have been persecuted and vilified, murdered and destroyed. Evidence of Her in writing and art has been misrepresented, altered, destroyed in fear.

And yet I tell you She has always been here with you. She is here now, at your feet. She is here now in your very breath and light and life. She has been calling you from the wind. She has been watching over your from inside each raindrop. She has been the sweet nectar in every mouthful of your food.

Hear this! There are NO religions just for Gods and Men! All have Goddesses! All have the Divine Feminine within their roots and honour. It is not possible here to tell you fully the importance and historical consequences of the missing of your…

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