Diy dreamcatcher with recycled materials

The Friday Rejoicer

dreamcatcher-alt2This is the first tutorial I made.

Feeling very hyper now even after the photo-taking, craft-making and photoshopping.

To make the post even more meaningful, I have made an animated image of my swinging dreamcatcher by videotaped on phone then edited in photoshop. If anyone interested, I may do a tutorial on that too.

Diy dreamcatcher with recycled materialsClick to enlarge

It’s all started with my old bangle. After it lost its shine, I just found it irritating to see it staying in my accessory box. Then the idea sparked to diy it into something pretty. As I have the habit to hoard bits and pieces, I can use them for this project.

My old shorts drawstring cord, toilet rolls and an old yarn I bought from Daiso. Together with my colour pencils, drawing pens and marker, the small project began.

First wind the drawstring cord around the bangle. Tie a knot after coiling…

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