A Message To High School Girls

Righteous, Missus. I, too, watch how Fast some of these girls are hurdling into adulthood at breakneck speeds and want to make myself the willing sacrifice just to stop them in the tracks of their descent! Girlys, It does NOT just keep getting BETTER – it actually just PLATEAUS, gals! I’m not knocking anyone’s personal experience, I’m just sayin–for example….I had a secret bf until I was 17; we made out a lot but never passed 3rd base. I didn’t have a real bf until WELL After my Junior year of college -but by then, I had already said buhbye to my virginity (at 19) and fast-forwarded into sex/drugs/RocknRoll and NUMEROUS #hotlineblings, yo…and guess what? Every first WAS Truly its LAST. !!! You can NEVER get back the magick that accompanies that “first high,” and that goes for ALL Firsts…get my drift? Point being-
Don’t waste what SHOULD BE a lifetimes worth of firsts before you’re old enough to really know what it *should* mean & feel to you, in comparison to what your ‘SQUAD’ is tellin ya! If you’re havin to ask your bff what they think you should do…YOU’RE NOT READY YET. #Js #💯


Dear young, high school girl,

I know you probably feel so grown up. All you want to do is look older, be able to nail that contour and smokey eye, and try finding a fake id. But please slow down. Live out your innocence and childhood as long as you can. None of the guys around you right now in high school care about you. They only want one thing from you. I promise. I watched it happen to most of my friends in those four years. I’m blessed to have avoided that type of emotional attachment at that age. Stop partying, stop the drama, stop not caring about your grades and bragging about it. Don’t be an asshole to that nerdy guy, because I guarantee you will be running after him after he is accepted into Detroit Mercy Dental School and that hot guy throwing bush parties right now…

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