herbal remediesI wear gloves and remember not to touch my fingers to my lips and quickly pour the seeds and the fresh water into a jar tie it fast with strong twine and mark it Poison

I prepare this potion, mixing the ground herbs with small amounts of gin and hot water

I stir and I stir again…

Doing all I can to persuade the herbs to release their powers into this impovished remendy

Willow Bark and Chrysanthemum Root add a dash of Tree Moss to give Lady Sarah’s young body the strength to fight her weaken sore throat

Over here I have prepared for Mrs. WentWorth a Tincture of CatNip and Hyssop for the fever her Son has taken on 3 days ago that not a thing from the local drug store had any will power to come to his aid

Ah…yes the Cinnamon in this jar I keep always…

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