Mirrored Image

Muse Writer

Photograph by Daniel Rozin, Weave Mirror – 2007

There are two sides of every mirror pane

One view as the representation from suggestion

Another, to peer into the exposed depths within

Both options, merely an illusion of intentions

Embodying the reflection of wayward confusions

Vulnerable to eyes that stalk and mimic each movement

I see you there filled up with your proclaimed awareness

Hardened to the view of countless observations

Convincing yourself of truth without the understanding

Upon further inTROspection, the image appears unpleasant

Reality and fantasy are anyone’s guesses

Fate balancing on suggestions of fragmented egocentric treasons

If you seek solace in your depictions, maybe you don’t deserve it

The idea(l)s of a lifetime die with the accusation of Judas’ kiss

Memories getting lost in the details being portrayed from the cold glass

The view from where I’m standing is obscured and cracked

A momentary observation being the only proof…

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