5 Revived Religions you should Know about | Mystera

5 Revived Religions you should Know about | Mystera.


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    1. Sso sorry it took me so long to respond to this; I’ve had a very sick child to deal with towards the end of the last school year here in Missouri, as well as not much time to devote to my blog at all up until this past month’s complete revision of the look and feel of my blog. Oi! Anyways, please see the following link, which doesn’t show as ‘dead’ when I click on it in the post – the link in the post and the following link posted at the end of this reply are the same. Not sure what happened, other than the website the post came from may have been having problems at the time you were originally trying to look at it. Either way, as of right at this moment that I am replying to your original comment the website and the link are having no problems whatsoever! Enjoy! Brightest Blessings, Porsha (aka ‘thefirstdark’) (link, as follows): http://www.mystera-magazine.com/article/5-revived-religions-you-should-know-about#.VVEC59e0xUk.wordpress


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