Winter is Coming…what SEEDs does the Earth germinate for you?

Kindred of Sangoma

As the masks of the All Souls Weekend are removed…feel the shift within!! We have in the last 24 hours lingered where the veils are thinnest, with very little movement and even less talk…

These Tools are essential for deep listening in the Soul!

We are grateful for all of the Kindred connections we have been BLESSED with in this lifetime and the re connection with new faces but old souls from other lifetimes in the past tens months. It’s been a roller coaster ride where the seatbuckles required double fasteners. We have honored the Candor and Dauntlessness in ourselves and others. These experiences were very necessary fertilizer for the seeds planted and now germinating into the Earth and next cycle of Destiny.

The Season of Oya, the shedding of skins…the falling of leaves and the beauty of their death/ rebirth has brought us to some astounding Truths of where…

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