Family Tradition Wins Again

From the Mud

Looks like it’s just ingrained in me to put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving/Last Harvest.  Tree’s up, but no decorations yet.  I need to see how the baby does with it first (it’s up on a tall nightstand).

Normally, with seasonal changes, I don’t like to put up decorations until the month of the sabbat.  So I’d wait until March to take down winter and put up spring.  June for the summer stuff, September for the Fall stuff,  October for Halloween/Samhain stuff, and December 1st for the winter stuff.  But I found myself eager to put it up this week.

Family tradition’s the reason why I still do a lot of things, like a Thanksgiving-like dinner on the last Thursday of November.  Why we still have a Christmas-like Yule.  Why we bring wine to holiday gatherings.  Why we have an egg hunt on the Sprint Equinox.  It’s not…

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