As usual, #IT is abhorrent.

Random Thought: While few, there are still some “little” significances with this situation that aren’t missed on me; this having happened at a school named ‘Berkeley” being the main one of them.

While the school in question does sharing a name with other schools- some larger and more storied places of higher learning….this school and THIS article got me to playing an internal game of “What If?” (ex. while thinking of said “other/similarly-named” secondary and collegiate schools) – and moreso, real-life examples of other schools remembered for racially-charged issues that happened in the past.

I then had a horrifying realization; I’d found myself with almost more NAMES than fingers.

Berkeley. One in nearly 100 names, for a lover of history like myself.

I continued my internalized version of a policeman’s documentation of details. This inner “crime report” of sorts immediately brought to mind several names and places — places that history had informally/formally dubbed both “receiver and conduit” of purposefully, ‘racially-charged’ and combustive set of events. These happenings seemed probable to become another instance of history repeating itself.

The current situation at hand is similar to so many others of the current century. If the outcome is positive, the end scene could become like the comfort we all find natural to that of the-or-representing the light. Instead of continued anger and sorrow at the aspects of the situation, a good outcome would represent peaceful acceptance and change. A purposeful (vs. anger-based!) outcome would reign freely, shifting from the immediate “players” of this saga and spreading through the area of origin to hopefully ‘saturate’ the world!

Yet…the aforementioned could also take a darker and purposeless path; becoming both revelation AND warning for the historically ‘correct’ textbooks or opinion-based ‘tomes’ due to teach the generations to come. Either way… that and if a resolution follows to completion-it’s always those factors that are SUBJECTIVE, that end up making or breaking what’s best for all involved.

Unfortunately the subjective factors in a situation like Berkley; usually are left to the will of the ‘players’ themselves.

“Would the players just find an end-scene that would suit both sides?”
Of course, that would take looking beyond immediate gratification, personal judgments and passion…something that I myself being an avid student of history, cannot see in the near future.