Eleuisian Musings

Knot Magick


I have spent some time deviating from my writing projects by pondering the Eleuisian Mysteries. I’ve been drawn over the past few months to investigate the Mysteries a little bit deeper, and by extension explored other areas such as the World Soul of Plato’s Timeaus, with the aim of creating personal practices which incorporate these themes.

The more I read, however, the more strident I find myself becoming on certain subjects, particularly around the conflation of the Mysteries with the Maid Mother Crone triad of Modern Paganism.

Hekate is not a Crone in Her own time, by which I am referring to the 7th century BC to 5th century AD. The Crone or Hag image began to be associated with Hekate in the late Roman period as her associations with Witches, in particular the Witches of Thessely, deepened. This was built on by later writers, such as Shakespeare and Crowley…

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