There’s no fantasy – just realism, with a sprinkle of hope.

Karen Wyld

Hat and photo by me.

For the past two years, I’ve participated in Zoe Brook’s annual blog-hop. This year, life got complicated. However, I put my name on the list, hoping by the time late July came around, life would have stopped wobbling, and I’d be writing again. Well, things have settled down (a little) but I’m still not writing. Haven’t written for about five months. And it’s now late at night on the 31st July, and this year’s Magic Realism Blog-hop is coming to an end. So it’s now or never. But how can I write a post when I’m still dealing with so many huge changes (aka chaos)?

Perhaps it can be done with magic realism.

If you’ve ever read some of my previous posts on magic realism, or comments in online groups, you’d have noticed that I’m a tad protective (aka pedantic) about my favourite literary mode. That’s not…

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