Detailed Mandala Coloring Book

Grace Brannigan Author

I’m working on a new series which is totally fun for me. I have 16 Art in Color Books that are comprised of fully colored and illustrated sacred Mandalas that can be used for your art and craft projects.

Now, I’ve also put together my first Mandala coloring book. The Mandalas include backgrounds and are very detailed, more coloring fun! They’ll be available at Amazon sometime this week in paperback format. I was not going to do them in ebook format, but should I? Hmm. All my books are paperback and ebook, but wasn’t sure about this one. I mean, you can look at the pictures, but you obviously can’t color them unless you can print them out. So I will have to consider that option.

Here is the cover and some of the Mandalas in this coloring book.

Detailed Mandala Coloring Book 1


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