pagan weddings Golden Apple

Apples have long been associated with marriage rites throughout the world.  Many different cultures have mythological stories relating to this fruit.  I will do my best to lay out the apple’s mythological, folk, and cultural meanings but be warned: there is a lot!

The Apple in Mythology and Different Cultures

In Greek lore the apple is sacred to Aphrodite and Apollo.  Eris, the goddess of discord, threw a golden apple before the gods.  It read for the most beautiful.  Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite all lay claims to be the most beautiful and Paris of Troy was allowed to judge.  He choose Aphrodite and was granted Helen, thus beginning the Trojan War.  In another myth, Hera was given a golden apple by Gaia at her wedding to Zeus.

Pomona is an obscure Roman goddess of fruitful abundance, trees, gardens, and orchards.  She does not have a Greek counterpart, but…

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