#1: Introduction (Kemetic Orthodoxy, Haitian Vodou, & Freemasonry)

Awakening in Amenti

So I decided to finally start following this outline that I put forth. I thought about skipping this section, but decided instead to discuss each of these things in a little more detail. Most will be saved for their perspective parts in the outline, and I may adjust the outline as I travel further down this road. I really just want to see where I am going with this, because right now I just have no idea where I am going to wind up. I just want to take the walk.

Kemetic Orthodoxy

Kemetic Orthodoxy has been my primary path since early 2007 when I joined the Beginner’s class. Before then, I lurked at the forums reading up on the faith and peoples perceptions of the faith. After the ending of the class I decided to become a remetj and stay with the temple, and get to know its people…

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