She Has Made Her Presence Known

S.D. Gates

picture frame

It was the little things we noticed first. Just tiny things, really. Nothing substantial. The exam room in the corner, down the end of the hall was always dramatically and noticeably colder than all the other rooms. blind standardtextileThe blinds in the other exam room would creep slowly down, in the afternoon sun. Of course, we attributed that to the expansion of the metal cord, which in actuality didn’t make a bit of sense at all. But when the strange things began to happen, even a weak explanation was better than none, sometimes better than the truth. hellokitty sanrioBut then the Hello Kitty snow globe would end up in the most unusual place, kind of like it had been lovingly carried around and then put down momentarily because of a more worthwhile distraction. The little trinkets on the windowsill in my office were invariably nudged slightly out of place when I come…

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