Tom Cruise Might Finally Be Ready To Leave The Church Of Scientology


Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Expecting Soon

Tom Cruise and Scientology are usually tighter than a drum when it comes to their relationship. If you saw Going Clear when it aired on HBO, you know that Cruise is the golden child for the church’s leadership and plays a pivotal role in its public image. If you didn’t see the documentary, you know this because of that lovely leaked video featuring Cruise having a nice chat about the religion.

Well, that relationship might be on the rocks, according to a new report citing Star magazine. That means it’s time to put on your gossip hats and decode if Tom Cruise is finally ready to ditch the church for the simplest of reasons, his kid:

An insider explained to Star magazine how Tom’s recent phone call with Suri made him realize he needed to get out. “She was going on and on about her ballet class and how…

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