10 Podcasts That Are Way Worth Adding To Your Next Playlist

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Flickr, Sascha KohlmannFlickr, Sascha Kohlmann

Whether I was commuting on Pennsylvania’s rock-ribbed highways, escaping the teeth-grinding stress of graduate school, or just trying to feed my creativity, these podcasts have always been there to me grounded and focused. Even when they were just murmurs in the background, I could still feel myself getting smarter—it’s the closest I’ll come to learning through osmosis.

Anyway, it’s a long list, so I’ll jump right into it. These are presented with the more obscure ones first. For each podcast, I did my best to pick two good episodes for beginners.

1. Reply All

Reply All is about people and the unexpected ways the internet has connected us, for better or worse. It’s also about recent history (believe it or not, the internet as we know it is already twenty years old). Want to know the backstory of Marnie the dog or learn about the internet’s first…

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