Put the pen to paper,

And vent lyrically,

Against hurt, disappointment,

And all ill intent historically,

Let it be beautiful,

That all can relate to,

Then feel part of this world,

To hold this tiresome ancient load.

Put the pen to paper,

And vent knowledgeably,

Express facts to opinion,

And make them become one,

To make you feel invincible,

So much that you are an individual,

Breathe innovation or, use that which is not new,

Add to it inspiration and call it you.

Put the pen to paper,

And vent socially,

Share your ideals,

To touch lives and appeal to

those hopeless minds,

give them positive feeds to,

The reactions composed fractions,

Of what good life can be.

Put the pen to paper,

And vent religiously,

To give and spring life to,

Those who feel the need to,

Freeze heartbeats and make

themselves immune to, hurt.

It’s all in the…

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