Where lions roam


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Lions were known to the western world since early antiquity. There were lions in Assyria, in to-day’s northern Iraq (right smash in the Islamic State actually) Gilgamesh reportedly killed lions over there as early as 2800-2500 BC. In Egypt, only Pharaohs such as Ramses II could be represented hunting lions. To the west there were lions all the way to North Africa. The last lion in Algeria was killed in the 19th century, the last Atlas lion in Morroco in 1942. Now the only lions we have left around the Mediterranean roam the streets of Europe. A symbol of power. The above lion is in Florence. Turn right after the smaller lion on the left and you will be at the Uffizi gallery.


Pont Alexandre III. Paris


Paris on the right bank. The monument to WWI Belgian soldiers. The lion is the symbol of Belgium.

There were lions…

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