NEWS: Six Late Period tombs found in Aswan (Ministry of Antiquities Press Release)

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(Source: The Ministry of Antiquities).

“Egypt’s Antiquities Minister, Dr. Mamdouh Eldamaty declared the discovery of SIX Late Period tombs (26th Dynasty) at the Aga Khan Mausoleum perimeter, west of Aswan.

This magnificent discovery came within the framework of the excavation works performed by the Egyptian Mission in Aswan and Nubia.

Eldamaty clarified that a group of stone and wooden sarcophagi containing the mummies of their owners as well as fiance statues representing the four sons of Horus, a group of amulets and small wooden statues of Horus the Falcon were also discovered.

(Source: The Ministry of Antiquities).
Eldamaty further added that this discovery is extremely important because it is the first Late Period discovery at the ancient Cemetery in Aswan. The previously discovered tombs at this areadate back to the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms.

On the other hand, General Director of Aswan and Nubia Archaeological Area, Nasr Salama said…

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