Magical Realism


The focus of my writing is: what’s under the rock. I have uncovered treasure under the rock; treasure that is at once beautiful and ugly, and without exception, humorous. I am drawn to the creepy places, maybe it’s the absurdity I find there. To bring these things to the light requires a little magic. Magic in the form of touching the unknown and the unknowable. This is accessible to all of us since that magic lies in our collective human consciousness. For instance, a character who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder, touches her unknowable through hallucinations. Some of you have met her, Karin Olina, in Magel’s Daughter, my first novel.

Her mother, Magel is the matriarch of psychosis, thus giving rise to her daughter’s lunacy. This is fertile ground for magical realism. While the story is set in reality, the characters come from a long line of Norwegian witches, which…

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