Guest Post: Two Years, Seven (Plus) Blogs, and Voice

Poetic Parfait

Guest Post by Felicia of TMU Blogger Felicia of Thoughtful Minds United. Photo via Felicia.

It is nice to have Felicia of Thoughts Mind United over for a guest post today. She is a talented blogger and has crafted a wonderful post here about her blogging journey. I hope you enjoy the read!

Take it away, Felicia (curtain goes up on Parfait stage):

Two Years, Seven (Plus) Blogs, and A Voice

Blogging can be hard. You know that by now.

It can be a confusing, isolating, and embarrassing activity seeing as some people are quick to write you off when you tell them exactly what you do.

Two Years

I have had the opportunity to meet many different bloggers in over two years, and this place has taught me a lot about people. Likewise, I have been given the opportunity to explore someone else’s head and feelings and what I find amazes me.

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