The Top 100 Writers – Finding the Best Writers in History, Part 2

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Editor’s note: This list doesn’t represent my views, so don’t bother telling me why you disagree. It’s a compilation of the views of critics, fans, and experts from at least 10 different surveys of “greatest writers.” For Part 1, where I detail the methodology for selecting the writers listed below, click here.

Before I list the Top 100 writers, I thought it might be interesting to share a few other top writer lists from my survey.

Top 10 Writers According to Critics

  1. James Joyce
  2. William Faulkner
  3. Henry James
  4. Virginia Woolf
  5. Vladimir Nabokov
  6. D.H. Lawrence
  7. William Shakespeare*
  8. William Butler Yeats
  9. George Orwell (tie)
  10. Ernest Hemingway (tie)

A little surprised? Again, this is influenced by the existence of novels. Had Shakespeare’s plays been critiqued as if they were novels, he would have been 1st among critics. (Even a ranking of 50th would have been enough to put him in first. So, we’ll…

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